marc owen jones

A Life Well Lived



Ryan Geoffrey Bullent sits on a straight-backed hardwood chair, lonely against the wall. He is two feet short of the last door on the top storey of the East wing. It is an elevated and prime prestigious position. His back is as straight as the chair, his feet are planted solid and his hands rest on his thighs.

The door opens and Matt Stewart exits. He looks flustered and doesn’t pause as he passes. Ryan waits. He’s waited a long time for this opportunity to prove his worth, to be recognised for his unstinting hard work and loyalty. He forces calm and rejects all thoughts that cannot contribute to the process of selection. Fortune can only be enjoyed on achievement, not anticipation. Too many people live in hope only to be disappointed.


A Life Well Lived (1,908 words) was published in the Momaya Press 2016 Anthology ‘Ambition’


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