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Things I Like

Companies and people I like, in no particular order.

Unthank Books

Unthank Books is a small independent publisher of literary fiction run by Robin Jones and Ashley Stokes. Their list of published fiction is uniformly excellent, not least of all ‘Captivity’ by Lander Hawes, ‘Killing Daniel’ by Sarah Dobbs and ‘Touching the Starfish’ by Ashley Stokes; all of which I can wholeheartedly recommend. Recently published books that I haven’t read / finished yet also includes ‘Laikonik Express’ by Nick Sweeney and ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ by Charles Dickens (completed by David Madden).

They have become recognised for their support for the short story form and publish the exciting Unthology compilation, with number 4 hitting the bookshelves on 1 November (which includes my short story, ‘The Murder of Crows’). Ashley Stokes’ astonishing sequence of overlapping short stories, ‘The Syllabus of Errors’ was published earlier this year (2013).

Buy a book now by going to

Unthank School of Writing

Aspiring poets, short story writers and wannabe genre-bending novelists could do a lot worse than sign up for one of the courses run by USoW – that’s if you live close to Norwich and can cope with detailed and incisive critisism. I’ve been a student and continue to recommend.

Steve Volk – Writer

Best known for the BBC TV Drama ‘Ghostwatch’, ITV’s ‘Afterlife’ and Ken Russell’s film ‘Gothic’, Steve’s latest novella, ‘Whitstable’ is garnering well-deserved praise and recognition. See his website at

David Hoser – Director, Cameraman, Sound Designer, all round Rennaisance Man

David directed my two short films; Tramp and Tree of Tears. For further details of his breadth of creativity please visit his website –

Rod Anderson – Composer

Rod is a skilled composer who has the ability to write and produce in a vast range of musical styles. Everything from children’s TV to commercials, film scores to musicals. Visit his site to appreciate the scope –

Potters Resort

A five star resort on the east coast that offers inclusive short breaks year round. So if you’re looking to get away for a great value short break then the endless skies of Norfolk is just the place.

No Fly Cruising

An independent cruise agency, specialising in cruises departing from and returning to UK ports. Its relationships with all the leading cruise lines means that they can not only provide expert help in choosing the right cruise for you, but also guarantee the best price available in the market.


Lighthouse is a new journal published quarterly to give space and support to new talent. They look to publish the best short fiction and poetry emerging from the UK writing scene.

They are part of Gatehouse Press, an award winning publishing house for new fiction and poetry. Lighthouse is run on a voluntary basis by a team of editors.

You can keep up to date with the latest news, developments and happenings from the Lighthouse team by visiting

The Writers’ Centre Norwich

Writers’ Centre Norwich is a literature development agency based in Norwich. They are interested in both the artistic and social impact of creative writing, and work with writers, readers and diverse communities on a wide range of ongoing and one off projects and events.  They work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and have developed productive partnerships with many organisations. For more information go to

Patricia Volk – Sculptor

An amazing sculptor whose work has become critically acclaimed and collectable. You can see a selection of her work by visiting her website

Ashley Stokes – Novelist

My tutor, mentor and all round creative guru. Ashley is the author of ‘Touching the Starfish’ and ‘The Syllabus of Errors’, as well as dozens of short stories. He is the co-director of Unthank Books and USoW. His website reveals all –

Laura Kyffin – Photographer

The photo on the front page of this website is a view of the lane outside our house, taken by Laura. Her Facebook page shows what she sees:


Demonstrably the best team in Europe and, having contributed most of the players for the successful Lions tour to Australia, potential world cup winners in 2015.


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