marc owen jones

Killing Coldplay

On the tube Stefan had felt reckless, now he feels cold and foolish. His green hair, spiked into a Mohican, drips dye down his back and is close to collapse. His God Save the Queen t-shirt, artfully slashed forty years ago, clings to his concave chest. He shuffles back into a doorway to avoid the rain, his gait restricted by bondage straps, and fiddles with the safety pin stuck through his left earlobe. The grey-sponge sky looks low enough to touch. Buses, cabs and bikes move at funereal speed, giving him a pulsing view of his destination. It is dwarfed between a sex shop and computer games store and its red awning seems to apologise for its lack of description. There nothing to indicate its significance, its history, its fame.


Killing Coldplay (previously, Waltzing to Pretty Vacant) (2,182 words) was completed February 2014

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