marc owen jones

Hanging On

I was told I was lucky, unique in fact. I was alive whilst all the others died.

It had started with a pain at the back of my head, in the soft fleshy bit between the top of the spine and the scull. It was a throb which grew into a constant stab. When it got worse I went to bed. In the morning the pain was still there, so I took Nurofen and sank back under the duvet. When the pain hadn’t stopped by mid-afternoon Marcie drove me to the doctors.

The doctor said it was a severe migraine and told me to take more pills and go back to bed, but Marcie was insistent, like a bull-terrier I always say, and that’s what saved my life. We went to the hospital and I sat in the waiting room with my head in my hands whilst Marcie fronted up to everyone, demanding the world.


Hanging On (3,997 words) completed March 2014

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