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Stuff #3

I’ve submitted a few stories here and there and await rejection with impatient grace. I’ve written a new story, Le Grand Mort (or La Grande Mort – not sure of which title to go with yet, although I rather like ‘The Largest Death’ rather than ‘Big Death’) which is shaping up quite nicely. Its theme is virtual reality and the prospect of people preferring to consume entertainment alone and the deterioration of relationships as a consequence.

Both novels are in the difficult 2nd major edit phase. Many writers I know really like this phase, but I hate it. There are major changes to make which have consequences throughout the story not only in plot, but characterisation, motivation and pov. I’m looking forward to getting through this and onto Draft 3 which is the tightening, cleaning, micro-editing stage that I rather enjoy.

I’ve run another obstacle course race, The Wolf Run, which was wetter and muddier than anything I have done yet… but it was a lot of fun and I was fit, and felt pretty good at the end of it.Mud8

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