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Stuff #2

Well, it’s Easter and the one thing I wanted to achieve by this arbitrary deadline, I haven’t. Damn. The digital marketing certification is complete, bar the final exam, but it has taken way more time than I had anticipated. As a consequence I have found it really difficult to get my head into my crime thriller (n1d2). I’ve decided on a single pov (I think) and am 1/3 through, but it’s like typing with boxing gloves. Nothing really ties together and there’s some heavy lifting ahead.

I’m back running and completed a 5 mile obstacle run last weekend. I think I enjoyed it, but my forced feet-up meant I wasn’t in the shape I needed to be. Still, I’m back on the horse, so hopefully I will be able to say the same with my writing over the next month.

Short story wise, I really enjoyed reading at Rattle Tales and my flash fiction was well received. There were lots of questions and it was good that Sian, Robbie and Heather were there to cheer me on. They will be publishing the story in their anthology which was good to hear. My two stories, Collecting Virtues and Kitten Heels, were long listed for the Fish Competition, but didn’t get further than that.

Brussels, the academisation of schools, the nhs, Brexit… my feeling of impotence in the face of such incompetence, greed and hatefulness is a black cloud that seeps into the day to day.


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