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Red City Review

I was delighted to receive an email from Alexander Rigby, the managing director of the Red City Review Magazine, accepting my story, Valery and Michael, for publication in their May edition. Red City Review are based in Pittsburgh PA and this will be my first story to be accepted in the States.

This email arrived at the start of a long weekend of writing, so couldn’t have been better timed. I am awaiting the comments from my final two ‘beta readers’ of my crime thriller, The Providence Clause, but in the meantime I will be pulling together my short story collection. All the stories are now complete apart from: The Suburban Anarchist’s Bible, for which I am desperately trying to find the perfect ending; and Collecting Virtues, which needs another good edit.

I’m also trying to learn Scrivener – I know that it will be so much better than Microsoft Word – I just have to get my head around the basic structure and formats.

Things are on the up – Happy Easter!



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