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Feeling old

I’ve been ill. A viral infection on top of ‘flu knocked me out for  couple of weeks and I’ve only now felt well enough to start writing again. It reminds me of how inconsiderate my body is as it flies through life, faster than you can think.

My stepmother received an email today that included a picture of me when I was 18. It was from someone I struggle to recollect, in a circumstance I have no memory of – but, as with the best of things, I will re-create a history that will become fact, soon enough.

I thought that I had weathered well (for a grumpy old sod) until I saw this picture – I only wish that I had appreciated then that this would be the best of times and every moment after becomes a chase towards disintegration. But I am not as morose as these words suggest – I am happy in my flight towards eventual oblivion and sincerely hope that I will be able to place a few more markers on earth before my time is up.

In the meantime, this picture is testament to what’s past…

marc jones2

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