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Interview with Unthank Books

How does it feel to be an Unthologist?

It’s like being in an exclusive club full of talented people and wondering whether your invite was sent to you by mistake.

Why submit to Unthology – what does the series mean for you?

As a product of the Unthank School (USW), Unthology was the natural place to submit my first short story, The Murder of Crows. Reflecting on acceptance and publication, I feel honoured to be in such esteemed company, alongside disparate stories of uniform excellence.

Tell us something about your story, what inspired it and how was the writing process?

I can’t recall when or where the idea of a world without birds came to me. But once it had I was keen to explore the idea from a female perspective. The fact that she is blind makes the loss of birdsong all the more poignant.

What is your favourite other story in Unthology 4?

All the stories have unique voices that appeal to me in different ways and my favourite always seems to become the last one I’ve read. So, on the basis that I read the book from front to back, Ruby Cowling’s, Little Things is my favourite. Then I remember Michael Crossan’s turn of phrase, or Sarah Bower’s narrative voice and think sod it, they’re all favourites.

Tell us about yourself and where can we find you?

I am currently writing a novel and a linked collection of short stories. In between times I have a full time job in the travel industry (so if anybody wants to book a cruise, please give me a call). I can be found at and can be followed on twitter @marcgjones.

If you’ve not read The Murder of Crows in Unthology 4, you can order it here. There are still a few limited edition copies signed by cover artist Nicholas Ruston and editor Ashley Stokes available for £12 from Unthology 4 is also available for Kindle.

This is my interview with Unthank books. For the full interview and other information go to Unthank:

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