marc owen jones

Into the new…

It’s been a busy few weeks both at work and at play. Not least of all, I’ve managed to get quite a lot of writing in. I finished one short story, Valery and Michael, and have made a solid start to another, The Anomalous Perihelion Precession of Mercury. I have hit c. the 85% mark on my novel, The Darkness in Light and written a solid synopsis. I’m now keen to complete this before the end of January, when I will then leave it to stew for a bit. This will give me the time to consider whether I like my crime thriller, Troubleshooter and to embark on a radical 2nd/3rd draft. I’ve submitted some short stories to competitions and now try not to think about them; they’re out into the world and will have to find their own way home.

I have bought books and not managed to read any of them.

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