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I read, for the first time, an extract of my new short story, The Murder of Crows, at the Project U launch of Unthology4.

I am an experienced public speaker, but found this unaccountably nerve-racking. Second up, in front of a crowd of c. 50 people, I followed Sarah Bower’s reading from her story, Finished. I would like to think I held it together, but I was more than aware that I stumbled over a few words. Everyone was complimentary after the event and so I hope that my nervousness was just magnified in my mind and not as transparent to the audience as it was to me.

Michael Crossan read from Eden Dust, in his broad Scottish burr and Ruby Cowling finished the Unthology readings with the whole of her very short and very fabulous story, Little Things.

After the break, Zoe King, Rowena MacDonald and Sarah Dodds read from their short stories contained in The Red Room, which is a collection of new short stories inspired by the Brontes.

The best part for me was once we had finished when we chatted and signed books. I felt privileged to be in such inspiring company; amongst writers whose first thought is for the praise and encouragement of other. Inspiring stuff.

My heartfelt thanks to the editor of Unthology4 and the organiser of Project U, Ashley Stokes. Plus, of course Tom, Rebecca, Lily and Jay.

You can buy both books here:


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