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First Review for Unthology 4

I have only read Unthology 3 before this and thoroughly enjoyed that but this time the editors have really excelled themselves.

Although the stories are relatively short there are many I would recommend you avoid at bedtime – a mistake I made and had a very disturbed dream. But it’s a rare occasion that I dream so the writing is very clearly powerful. Which was my favourite? It’s impossible to separate one out – there wasn’t one that I didn’t love.

But if you don’t like ants then go ahead and read Administration: An Intern’s Guide – it will really creep you out! And if you’re OK with ants then it will just weird you out! The one that I read just before bed was The Murder of Crows but maybe that’s me. Finished felt very sombre but strange at the same time. In fact there wasn’t one that didn’t leave me thinking about long after finishing.

Each story is a change – a change of voice, a change of mood, a change of topic and completely different rules – and this makes this kind of anthology a real treat, but the real credit has to go to the editors for trawling through so many submissions to find such a fabulous collection!

Review by The Mole

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

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