marc owen jones

The End of the Beginning

Well, it’s been a productive month. I have finished the first draft of my crime thriller, Trouble-Shooter, I think I’ve solved my knotty structural problem with The Darkness in Light and I’ve started work on another short story, Lancaster Terrace.

I’ve put Trouble-Shooter to one side for a couple of weeks – actually I’ve given it to my wife to read through if she gets the chance. I need to experience a little memory loss before I can sensibly sit down and plough through the second draft. So, that’s the job for October and November. In the meantime I can start bringing The Darkness in Light to a full first draft, finish Lancaster Terrace and decide whether to invest any more time in Intellectual Capital, which may, just, be a pile of pretentious horse-shit.

So, all looking up 🙂

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