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The Shackleton Banjo on Kickstarter

The Shackleton is the only low-cost banjo that is genuinely manufactured in Britain: perfect for every player from beginner to expert. My friend, Simon Middleton, has launched a project on Kickstarter so that you too can join in the Great British Banjo adventure…

They are making the first production banjo to be manufactured in Britain for many decades. And they’re naming it in honour of the Centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s heroic expedition to the Antarctic – because the banjo that Shackleton took on that trip played a vital role in his epic adventure.

For the next stage of our British banjo manufacturing adventure they need your help. Specifically they need £30,000 to help fund the development and manufacture of the first run of instruments. Their aim is to put a banjo in every home: to rebuild the creative energy of music and adventure which 100 years ago sustained Shackleton’s brave men on Elephant Island.

They need your help to make The Shackleton a reality, so join the banjo revolution yourself, and be part of the revival of a Great British industry.
And by pledging your support you can claim great rewards…
• Stylish T-shirts
• Great hooded sweatshirts
• Very cool enamel expedition mugs
• First-edition Shackleton banjos
• Highly collectible limited-edition Islander Ash Leaf banjos
• The amazing Shackleton Centenary Expedition outfit
• Workshop visits… and more!

Their Kickstarter project has 34 days to run (as of Sunday 8 September 2013) and has so far £8,626 pledged from 37 backers. They need to raise £30,000 to make this a reality. I’ve become a supporter and if you want to then follow the link and sign up.

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